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What is Arya Trader?

Arya Trader is a system that offers more than 20.000 automated trading robots. In Arya Trader, you add the robots you want to your portfolio and the robots start trading automatically.

What is an Automated Trading Robot?

Automated trading robots are software that automatically carry out transactions in the account you set up, and close transactions automatically.

I have an account at a brokerage house, can I use it right away?

Yes, if you have an account at any brokerage house that supports Meta Trader 4, you can start using it right away.

I do not have an account in brokerage houses, what should I do?

You can open an account at any brokerage house that provides the Meta Trader 4 program. If you are uncertain, you can email us.

Do I need to install Expert Advisor?

Yes, add the robots you want to work to your portfolio. Install Arya Trader Expert Advisor program on Meta Trader 4 program. When you enter your user name and password, Expert Advisor will automatically match with your portfolio and start working.

How do I add the Robot I like to my Account?

Click the “+ My Portfolio” button on the page of the robot you want to add. After you complete the payment process, the robot will be added to your portfolio. Download Arya Trader Expert Advisor and install it on Meta Trader 4. When you enter your user name and password, expert advisor will automatically match your portfolio and start working.

How can I make the payment?

We are currently working with the firm click2sell for secure payment. You can pay with your credit card. Select the desired package. The amount of money you added will be added to your wallet. You will be able to pay subsequent purchases and update fees from your wallet.

Can I return the robot I added to my portfolio?

You can remove the robot you had purchased from your portfolio within 30 days and add another robot for free instead. You can remove as many robot as you want without stating any reason and add different robots.

What is a 6-pack?

If you wish, you can buy a 6-pack instead of a single product. There are 6 robo advisor rights to use for total of 30 days in it. You can add 6 robo advisor to your portfolio for free at any time within 30 days. The expire date of robo advisors you add for free are 30 days from the date of purchase of the 6-pack.

Which countries do you not accept customers from?

We regret that we cannot accept people residing in the countries listed below due to regulations.

United States, Israel, Belgium, Turkey, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oman, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen.