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Arya Trader works in all brokerage houses that provide Meta Trader 4 platform and allow the use of Expert Advisor. If you do not have a Meta Trader 4 account, you can contact us.

Follow These Steps

  1. Sign Up (If you don't have an or account yet)
  2. Login.
  3. Download Arya Trader Expert Advisor for Meta Trader 4 software or Meta Trader 5
  4. Follow the installation instructions for Meta Trader 5 or Meta Trader 4.
  5. Click on a robot graphic of your choice.

    Select Chart

  6. Click the "+ My Portfolio" button.Add to my portfolio
  7. Add money to your account.

    You can rent the robots videos of which you watch for 30 USD per month. If you want, you can use all of the robots unlimited for 90 USD per month. (Note: The system allows you to use 6 robots at the same time.) You can remove any robot from your portfolio and add a new one at any time.

Always perform installations on a single chart. All robots you have selected or will select will operate in a single chart. For example when you add 6 robots to your portfolio, you have to install them on only one chart. In case you have installed them on 6 charts separately, the same process opens 6 times! For example, you have selected robots that trade in GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY parities. When you install a single Arya Trader Expert Advisor plug in on the EURUSD chart, all the robots trading on this parity will work. The matter of parities differing does not pose a problem. In addition, the choice of the timeframe is also insignificant.

Each robot trades in only one parity and it only opens one transaction at a time. One transaction will not open before the other transaction is closed. These are factors that reduce the risk. Low number of transactions reduces the risk. Opening more transactions will increase your risk. It is recommended that you focus on the number the robots have won, rather than focusing on the number of transactions. You can increase the number of transactions by using multiple robots. Arya Trader trading logic does not rely on scalping of other robots or more numbers of transactions. It focuses on sustainable profit with less transactions and less risk. To use ready-prepared portfolios, you can refer to

Follow These Steps to Install the Expert Advisor

  1. If you have not yet downloaded Arya Trader Expert Advisor, download it from this link.
  2. Open the MetaTrader Software. On the File menu, click “Open Data Folder”. In the opened Windows Explorer, open the MQL4 -> Experts folders. Copy the AryaTrader.ex4 file you had downloaded to this folder. Then close the Meta Trader and open it again.

    Select Data Folder Mql Folder
  3. In the MetaTrader program, click Tools-> Options. In the Option window that appears, click the Expert Advisor tab.

    Meta Trader 4 Options

  4. Make sure the Allow WebRequest for listed URL option is selected. Add to the list below and click OK.

    Expert Advisor Options Tab

  5. In the Metatrader Navigator window, double-click AryaTrader under Expert Advisors. In the window that appears, select “Allow live trading” from the Common tab.

    Add Expert Advisor

  6. On the Inputs tab, enter the user name and password you use on the site and press OK.
  7. After making the settings, the Auto Trading button should be pressed in Meta Trader program.

    Auto Trading

  8. If you do the installation correctly, Arya Trader will display the smiley face in the upper right corner of the graphic screen.

    Arya Trader Expert Advisor

For detailed information, you can refer to the user manual.