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Our Vision

We as Arya Team are doing advanced level Artificial Intelligence researches. We work on Risk Analysis, estimation, price modelling, Loss- Gain estimation, fraud detection, suggestion systems, behavioral analysis, demand estimation, probability modelling, picture processing,grouping and classification, Natural Language Processing.

The philosophy behind Arya is to provide the Artificial Intelligence Technology to the small or mid size investors that is mostly available for big investment banks and funds.

What is ARYA?

Arya is a personalized finance assistant that helps traders analze the account histories to detect the environments their trading systems are able to work properly beside ensuring them to trade under right trading conditions. Trader choosing to trade manually would be able to learn whether they are trading in suitable conditions before they place a trade.

It blocks the trades of a trading robot that are not reasonable to be placed by filtering them without the need of the algorithms of the codes of it. Traders who gets a trade coping service can add the account history of the trader that they want to follow.

Arya aims to decrease the amount of losing trades that results the rise of the profitability on overall.

About Artificial Intelligence

Arya makes Artificial Inelligence Modelling on currency pairs basis according to the account histories that you import from your MT4 accouns, CSV or HTML file or the websites that are supported by it.

Arya send each currency pair’s data to be educated automatically. Each data are being seperated as ‘educational data’ and ‘testing data’. It uses the educational data to learn the past trades and its conditions. The testing data is the list of trades that are not used for educational purposes and hid from Arya itself to test the reactions for unprecedented market conditions. It educates the Artificial Intelligence Model while doing all these processes. The only thing you should do is to ASK ARYA.